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Jason W. Blair was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1981. He learned how to read at age four, and began to write and tell stories at age five. Today, he lives in the small town of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania with his wife, Judith, his daughter, Samantha, and their two adorable cats, Shadow Hemingway Blair and Kira Blair.

Civilian Liberties is once again another sure-fire, must-read novel from this prolific author. Whether young or old, the happenings in Brockton, with its multitude of secrets, is sure to entice readers of all ages. With engaging characters and a grandiose storyline that drives the plot, this may be Blair's best yet. So, get ready!!! Brockton awaits!!!
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Desperate Shadows

The Averys find out how tough a move from the big city to a small Pennsylvania town can be when they discover just how far one rural community will go to keep its secrets.

The Garden of Ages

From the beginning of time, humans have sought after the meaning of life and what lies beyond. Walter Baines discovers, first-hand, after suffering a heart attack while jogging. Now, he'll need to remember everything he's learned in his lifetime to survive what lies beyond!

Snapshot Finish

We've all heard the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," but you probably have no idea what it truly means. On a rainy evening in Takayama, Japan, Bernard Dinsley is about to find out. Snapshot Finish is a novel of unrivaled suspense that thrusts readers into a dangerous world beyond the shutter. 

Civilian Liberties

In this action-packed sequel to Desperate Shadows, Channel Five News reporter, Leila Tribble is called away from her wedding reception. There's trouble once again in the rural town of Brockton and some old friends need Leila's help in discovering where three teens have disappeared to. Fans of the first book will fall in love with their favorite characters again as they return to the Diamond Diner and go on a manhunt for a homegrown terrorist group with a slightly unstable FBI agent.

The Legend of All Things Unwanted

Enter a world of gnomes, elves, faeries, and of course a dragon or two. However, this is definitely not your typical bedtime fairy tale. 

 After losing a birthday gift from his Uncle Patrick, nine-year-old Max McKee sets off on an adventure that will take him to a magical world ruled by an ancient thief lord. 

Time is short and the stakes are high as Max and some new friends seek his lost birthday present. Along the way, each of them will discover themselves and find out just how strong they really are when they work together to dethrone the wicked ruler and save the day.