A Word about ‘Desperate Shadows’

     From the earliest times, men and women from every civilization have proven the desire and need for storytelling. And whether executed audibly, visually, or in written form; the art of telling a captivating story has had one basic function: entertainment. People love to be entertained –– and today we can plainly see that need fulfilled through books, movies, and the spoken word.
     My latest novel ‘Desperate Shadows’ is no exception to the basic need for storytelling. From the moment readers enter this seemingly normal world, they are transported to the humble Mid-Atlantic town of Brockton. They are introduced to two of the main characters: a couple named Mort and Emily Avery.
     But traveling deeper into this world, readers are quickly thrust into an ocean of deadly secrets––the kind that immediately threaten to unravel relationships and unearth deep-seated boundaries. The town eventually separates into two definitive groups without a middle ground. Every character quickly leaps off the page and the plight of Brockton’s Desperate Shadows take on a life of their own.
     What I enjoyed most about writing this story was the ease at which it came to life. It took me six months to write it; but even as a writer, I encountered a rollercoaster of emotions. At several points in the story, I became so immersed in the world of Brockton––so empathetic to the plight of the characters––that I found myself feeling intense emotions that accurately identified with the current plot.
     For those who have already purchased a copy of ‘Desperate Shadows’, I truly hope that you have enjoyed the story. And for those that haven’t yet purchased it, I would highly recommend that you do: it will be an experience that you won’t want to miss!

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