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Novelist Jason W. Blair (Author of ‘Desperate Shadows’)
you ever visit central Pennsylvania, then you’re likely to pass by the charming
little town of Bellefonte. It is located eleven miles northeast of Penn State’s
University Park campus. And it is also the place that suspense novelist, Jason
W. Blair, calls home. He lives in a quaint apartment; and on any given day, he
can be seen walking through downtown Bellefonte, in search of inspiration. 

was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania; on a cool, rainy, Friday in October. When he
was two years old, his family moved to Bellefonte. He has three brothers:
Scott, Daniel, and Travis Blair; and of them, he is the second youngest.

an early age—around seven or eight—Jason discovered a longing for telling
stories. He would often entertain his friends and family during camping trips
and family outings. And at the age of nine, he managed to publish one of his
short stories in the children’s magazine, Highlights. That same year, he submitted a story for a children’s literary contest,
to the Centre County Library. It was entitled, There’s an Angel in my backpack.
he matured, Jason’s calling for writing and telling stories strengthened. He
produced many stories that have long since been lost through the years; stories
such as The Gift of Silence, Summer of Treasure, and The Saga of The Runaway Boy—which he
intended on extending into a series. He often spent much of his time reading
any book he could get his hands on. And as he neared the age of eighteen, he
began to research the often difficult avenue to becoming a published author.
it wasn’t until he met his wife, Judith, that the world was afforded its first
glimpse of Jason W. Blair, the author. Judith immediately recognized his talent
and she urged him to seek publication. And he did, with the short story Sammy Reynolds for Mayor, in December of
2012. The story didn’t do so well…and Jason became discouraged. His wife, on
the other hand, embraced him even more.
in July of the following year, he had another idea for a story: Desperate Shadows. With only a one
sentence synopsis in hand, Jason quickly went to work. He sat at his desk for nearly
six, long months; and when he promoted his new novel—he promoted big:
“I believed in my story. And I believed that it would be big. But I had two obstacles: 1: I was a new writer, at least in the public’s eye, and I didn’t think I could handle a story so large. And 2: I continually thought to myself, I’m never going to make my December deadline.”                                                                                   –Jason W. Blair
make it he did; and he made it a week and a half before his December 1st deadline. So, with only four
weeks till Christmas, Desperate Shadows
had appeared on the world scene. And a small group of devoted followers would
have to wait no more.
Shadows was a really great book. I could not put it down for even 2 seconds. And
when I did put it down, I had to start reading it again. I loved it so much, that
I read it in 3 days; and that is saying a lot, because it generally takes me a
month or two to finish reading a book. Your books are truly amazing!”
Faith Lucas 
what’s next for suspense novelist Jason W. Blair? He has several projects lined
up for 2014. The first of which is a novel entitled, The Garden of Ages, is set to debut this Spring. Keep an eye out
for this epic tale of a man who faces the mysteries of the afterlife. You can also keep up to date on all
of his other projects, by visiting his Official website; or by following
him on Facebook and Twitter!

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