From Here to There: The Journey

“They call it choshek (khō•shek); and roughly translated, it means darkness or secret place.”           —Palti, The Garden of Ages

 One of the most unique elements of my upcoming novel, I believe, is the idea that
when we pass from this world to the next, we will truly enter into another world. While traditionally, most people view the afterlife as somewhat of an eternal resting place, I have taken it to a completely new level. I believe that when we end our life, here on Earth, we will enter a world where we must stand accountable for the things that we’ve done on this side of eternity.

 In the book of Revelation, the Bible talks about a 1,000 year reign that takes place after the great tribulation. And in those thousand years, the perfect city of New Jerusalem will come down to planet Earth. And the Lord will dwell with his people for a complete millennium, while the devil is taken away and bound. But during that time, anyone who sins will be cast outside of the city; they will await the coming judgment—at the end of those thousand years.

For The Garden of Ages, I took that concept and wondered, What if that scenario somewhat resembled the afterlife? What if judgment day were preceded by a journey…one that required the recently deceased to solve the riddle of whether or not they would be admitted into the holy city? What if Heaven was a world, just as vast as our own? Or even larger?

There is a bit of theology mixed into this story; but overall, it is a tale to be enjoyed by people of any faith or denomination. However, I also believe that in order to be authentic, it must be rich in imagery and culture. And knowing that the first nation to call upon the Lord was a Jewish nation, the garden world of TGOA is lightly sprinkled with the Hebrew language.

  I certainly hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoy creating it. And as always, please keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs; and be sure to visit my website and to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!