How do you know if you’re a writer

I encounter dozens of people on a regular basis who say they love to write, but wish they could someday be a writer. Many of them have recorded their thoughts or creative ideas with pen and paper or on the computer for years. However, they don’t feel confident enough to call themselves a writer—or they don’t know what exactly constitutes being a writer. This is unfortunate, and something I hope to clear up once and for all.

My name is Jason W. Blair and I have been a writer from the time I was five years old and creating stories about aliens coming to earth and befriending humans. However, I have only been writing professionally for about five years. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’ve only been a writer for five years. I have been one from an early age. Nay, I was born a writer. It is a gift that an intelligent higher-up infused in my DNA.

So, if I was a writer at age five, then anyone who writes could be considered a writer, right? Not exactly. To officially call yourself a writer, you should definitely meet at least a few of the following criteria, and there are countless others than I’ve outlined below.

What Constitutes a Writer

As you can see, there are not a lot of criteria for being a writer—but you need to be a creatively minded person in order to call yourself one. You live to create, enhance, and destroy the world around you at will with the stroke of a pen or the tap of a few keys on your computer.

So, the next time someone asks if you’re a writer, consider the short list of characteristics I’ve mentioned above and see if they accurately describe you. If so, you can boldly tell everyone you meet that you’re a writer.