Memoirs of a Broken Father: The creation of a literary journey

The afterlife. Where do we go when
we die? This question has plagued mankind, since the formation of the world.
And that is the premises of my upcoming novel, The Garden of Ages. Now, although I believe that the true answer
lies in the sacred writings of the Bible, TGOA is meant as a literary
interpretation for entertainment purposes only. Having said that, let’s explore
the genesis of this new, remarkable tale.
Growing up in a faith-based home, I
have always been fascinated with the numerous accounts of the afterlife; as
recorded in the biblical books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation, to name a
few. But the one thing that I noticed was that I still had many unanswered
questions. And so, the initial idea for The Garden of Ages began to develop in
my head, at the age of sixteen.
But around that same time, I thought
about this idea—and the idea of forming it into a story. And in doing so, I
thought about the accountability aspect of the afterlife (a.k.a Judgement Day). And for the original title—the one that would
stay with me through all these years—suddenly formed in my brain: Memoirs of a Broken Father.
The first adaptation of this story
centers around a young boy, of eleven or twelve, at Christmas. His father was
sent off to war—some time ago—and he’s gone missing. He’s presumed to be dead.
And the young boy finds an old notebook. A notebook in which his father has written
more than a dozen journal entries for his son; and each one describing an event
in his life that holds a lesson. A lesson that he desperately desires his son
to learn.
But in TGOA, the storyline is
somewhat different. There is a scene, near the beginning, where a father pours
out his heart to his son. But shortly after, Walter Baines (the father) faces a near-death
experience. He enters a world that is beautiful, but lonely. And in this world,
he is sent down a path. And on this path, Walter begins to forget nearly everything
about his life—Everything, but seven memories. He’s forced to re-experience those
seven memories. And with them, seven riddles.
In between the seven memories,
Walter finds himself facing earthquakes, fires, wild beasts, and a fierce
dragon, that seeks to end his journey; and to stop him from ever reaching the
home of the garden keeper. But if Walter succeeds, he will be offered the deal
of a lifetime—for a price, of course.
It is a story that will hold your
attention from cover to cover. And it’s set for release in just a few, short,
months. Be sure to check out the Official Garden of Ages Website; and take a
moment to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

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