From whence it came: The origin of my success


Anyone that has known for me for a considerable amount of time, can attest to the fact that I have many interests and hobbies that have carried over to my online presence. These include, but are not limited to, writing, graphic arts, video production, comedy, and podcasting. However, what most people don’t realize is that these interests began long before the modern-day internet was conceived. In the innocence of childhood, I began to develop a passion for the things that make up my present author platform. 

  • Writing: I began writing at an early age, sometime before the age of seven. By eight years old, I had submitted my first short story, titled “There’s an Angel in my Backpack”, which was 13 pages long,  to the local library for a self-publishing contest. As a teenager, I began to write even longer stories; and by the time I was twenty-five, I finished an unpublished (and unfortunately lost as well) novella: “Summer on Bunyan’s Ridge with a page count of 75 pages. 


  • Video Productions: When I was about nineteen years old, my parents gave me their old, VHS camcorder. Growing up, I was constantly leaping into frames whenever that tiny, red light turned on. I was a bit of a ham, craving more than my share of exposure. So when I was given that camcorder on the backend of my teen years, I began to produce my own videos with my then-girlfriend’s brother. We would record our own spoofs of popular shows such as “Cops”“America’s Funniest Home Videos”, and stop-motion versions of Hitchcock-inspired horror shorts.


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  • Podcasting:  It all started with a Fisher-Price 1984 AM/FM Radio With a Microphone. My two elder brothers and I recorded many episodes of a cassette tape audio show called, “The Blair Family Farm”, I believe, although the name may have been slightly different. In any case, it was fun, hillarious, and entertaining. My eldest brother, who came up with the idea and carried out the actual recording on an additional compact boombox, was the host. The show consisted of two parts. The first was a talent contest. I can recall several of my performances where I jumped on the bed and belted Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in America” on one occasion, and improved a “Smurf” skit on another. 

The second portion of the show was a gameshow. My second eldest brother and I were the contestants. While one of us retreated to the hallway and shut the door, the other would be asked a series of questions by my oldest brother to see how well we know the other.  We then switched places and the same procedure took place. Afterwards, we would regroup and my eldest brother would ask the same questions and we would reveal our answers. Each question was worth one point. Whoever accumulated the most points at the end of the game would win a fictious trip to the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. Then the winner would scream and squeal as loud as we could until our parents would rush in like a rabid bull and order us to stop the yelling. 

So as you can see, all of my interests began apart from the internet, when the world seemed a bit more calm, more sane, and less hectic. It is those memories that are kept alive in the deep recesses of my mind that inspire me to push forward. My goal then was simple, to have fun and entertain others; and today it is still the same. I’m not at all concerned about becoming the next online celebrity, but rather a man who can bring joy to others by way of speech, and literature, of art, and of comedy.  


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