Ten TV Shows That Need To Be Made

Have you ever flipped through the channels only to wish that television executives would actually listen to what you, the viewer, would like to see on the next Fall lineup? So have I, and that’s why I’ve compiled a list of ten TV shows that need to be made according to the various interests of my international fan base. If anyone in Hollywood is reading this, please bring it to the attention of the men and women who can Git-R-Done.

1 — Survivor: Homeless in America

A group of courageous men and women are paired up, then disguised and dropped off in separate cities to see if they have what it takes to survive the dangerous streets of America. Along the way, each couple must follow strict rules that forbid them from receiving outside help and resources, and are given clues and challenges in exchange for basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter, and items for bartering. 

2 — Undercover Santa

Don’t believe in the “Big Guy”? or think that you know exactly what happens at his hidden North Pole headquarters just because you’ve spent your entire life watching every Christmas special ever put out on TV or Video? Think again! Join a celebrity host as he travels to the Jolly Old Elf’s North Pole Division and several other, unknown distribution centers across the globe and get the real scoop on what it takes for overnight, global present delivery!

3 — Kingpin Baristas

An exciting new gameshow hosted by author/coffeephile, Jason W. Blair, where five coffee lovers go head-to-head, in the ultimate battle of caffeine domination. They must oversee competing coffeehouses with unique challenges along the way, for the chance of being awarded their very own franchise if their coffeehouse blows away the competition. 

4 — Duct Tape Wars

Some men and women swear that power tools are a handyman’s best friend; but then there’s the others who prefer the super strength of Duct Tape. Seven men and women attempt to find out just what you can do with what they call the greatest tool of the century as they work against each other in an effort to design and build the world’s largest Duct Tape construction ever!

5 — Sew What? 

A reality gameshow hosted by Judith Blair where contestants compete with original handmade crafts & clothing to be picked up by national manufacturers. 

6 — Vigilante: Generation X 

Four middle-aged men & women must create a unique costume and backing technology to become the next American superhero.

7 — It’s a Catnip Life

A dozen pet owners place their cats in a series of death-defying situations to become the first ever Feline Stunt Cat for a series of upcoming cat food commercials.

8 — Anime Me!

Three aspiring artists travel to Japan in a competition to see which of them has what it takes to be the next famous Anime artist.

9 — Hatchet Man

A TV drama that follows a real life hatchet man as he travels from one corporation to another to announce who stays and who should pack up their things and head home. 

10 — Anointed: Gospel on the Go 

Amazing stories from international missionaries, who take viewers along with them to the unreached corners of the globe.