Transform Unwanted Thoughts into Good Ones!

We’ve all had them—those pestering recaps of your boss berating you in front of your co-workers for being two minutes late clocking in, the irate customer in front of you who selfishly put her own demands in front of all the other customers behind her (yourself included), or maybe it’s just as simple as an unpleasantness or mental exhaustion. However, whatever the case may be, there is a simple solution for purging your mind and quickly transforming those unwanted thoughts into good ones!

No matter how good or how bad your life may be, everyone has had at least one “golden” moment in their life when everything in the world seemed to be perfect. Perhaps it was a day at your favorite theme park, a first kiss, or a first something else for that matter. However, we’ve all had those moments, and they are what experts call our safe place. It is in that place that we can go and recapture the very same serenity that we originally felt in that moment. Here’s how: Find a quiet place and sit down, close your eyes. The unwanted thoughts are probably flashing before you in the surrounding darkness right now, but that’s okay. We’ll deal with them in a moment.

Now, think about that safe place, that “golden” moment. Look around and take it all in. Is there a an empty spot, a small clearing or an open area between people or objects? I’m sure there is. In that place, place a trashcan. Your mind is a powerful thing, so you can easily do this. Place a trashcan there and spend a moment or two simply looking at it, studying it. Then shift your focus to those unwanted thoughts. When you do this, you’ll probably notice how ugly and unattractive they are. Pick them up, or if you have a lot of them, imagine you’re holding a trash bag and gather them up and place them in the bag. Close it up and tie it shut. Now pick it up and walk it over to the trashcan and toss it in. Don’t look down at those thoughts, just turn and walk away. Walk a few feet away and focus again on the place that you’re in, on your safe place. Do this for several minutes, at least fifteen minutes if you can.

In that place, take notice of how the air feels against your skin, focus on the sensation. The unique thing about the human brain is that life repeats itself over and over again, but with a different cast, a different set, and a different plot line; but we experience the same emotions, the same sensations, countless times every day. So your brain can easily remember how a cool breeze feels on your skin. So feel the breeze, imagine yourself closing your eyes in that place. Do this for thirty seconds, maybe sixty if you need to, and then imagine yourself opening your eyes again. Look around, walk around, touch and feel anything and everything that you want to. Take in how everything feels, maybe the cool, smooth texture of metal; or the soft, bristly feeling of the grass beneath you. Of course, your safe place will be different and may not contain either of those things; however, the process is the same: touch something and concentrate on how it feels and how it makes you feel. Speak the words, either audibly or in your mind, that describe the feelings. Remember those feelings, put them in a pocket of your wardrobe in that place for future reference. The important thing is, that this is your place, your safe place, that you can visit anytime you need to refresh and purge your mind.

Open your eyes, very slowly, and remain seated for a few minutes. Stretch your legs out, your arms out, wiggle your toes and your fingers, and get the blood flowing again. The first few times you do this, you may immediately recognize the disorientation upon returning to the present and opening your eyes. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t discourage you from practicing this in the future. Your eyes need a moment to readjust to the light and your blood will need to get moving again. But after a minute or two, stand up slowly and take several deep breaths. Do you feel lighter, more energetic? Congratulations, you have just purged your mind of those unwanted thoughts! And you can remind yourself that you trashed those ugly thoughts if they try to creep back into your brain, or return to your safe place anytime you want. Welcome to the new you!