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Ten TV Shows That Need To Be Made

June 18, 2017Ten TV Shows That Need To Be MadeHave you ever flipped through the channels only to wish that ...
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Morality and Character Development

Morality and Character DevelopmentHow authentic should your characters be?June 15, 2017The world is changing, becoming more aware and sensitive to ...
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Country-Style, One-Hour Homemade Bread

Country-Style, One-Hour Homemade BreadSo easy, even your kids can make it!June 15, 2017Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, ...
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Transform Unwanted Thoughts into Good Ones!

Transform Unwanted Thoughts into Good Ones!June 11, 2017We’ve all had them—those pestering recaps of your boss berating you in front ...
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Writing with a real-world view

03/07/2017Writing with a real-world view I suppose that it is no secret to my friends and acquaintances that apart from ...
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How do you know if you’re a writer

03/03/2017How do you know if you're a writerI encounter dozens of people on a regular basis who say they love ...
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Writer’s Block

I haven't been able to write much for the past three to four weeks, the latest bout of writer's block, ...
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Will cinema ever replace the written word?

06/10/2015Will cinema ever replace the written word?While movies and television shows are more popular than ever, some may wonder whether ...
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Write what you know: An author’s dilemma

Write what you know: An author's dilemma06/05/2015There is an old adage in the literary world that states, “Write what you ...
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